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Previously, on “How I Broke My Neck”:
“It was a huge relief when the helicopter touched down in Brisbane. A team of medicos ran out with a trolley. As they wheeled me through the big glass doors I sucked some more oxygen through the mask and thought, maybe, I’m going to be OK…”

It was now five hours after I broke my neck in a slow, awkward, unspectacular fall off my bike in the forest near Byron Bay. Continue reading Emergency

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I Live to Ride

I Live to Ride
I Live to Ride
“I Live to Ride”, acrylic on canvas, @54×48″, 1988.
I painted this one at the Data Express courier base in Douglas St, South Melbourne.
I had a little studio in the corner of the warehouse and I would paint in between jobs.
Working as a motorcycle courier was my all-time favorite job and I took to it like a duck to water.

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Big Wednesday

“Big Wednesday”, oil on canvas, two panels, @ 48″ x 120″, 1993.
This painting shows a cyclone swell at Manly in 1993. The swell came up from dead flat at dawn to 12-15′ by lunchtime. The only surfable spots on the northern beaches were Fairy Bower, the Queenscliff bommie, North Narra, North Av and South Palmy. This was before tow-surfing was invented.
The best part of this painting is the loving depiction of my trusty FZ750 at bottom left 😉
Contact Grant Forbes at Tigerfish in Torquay for details.

Big Wednesday
Big Wednesday