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“This is Art..”

This is Art.. from Norv 2001 on Vimeo.

A nine minute rollercoaster ride through the great museums of Paris.

6 thoughts on ““This is Art..”

  1. What?!

    Have you been to Europe without leting me know, Norval?
    Great video by the way…


  2. Yeah mate,
    The whole family went to Paris for ten days to celebrate my brother’s wedding to Asmaa, a lovely girl from Paris.
    But I had such a great time that I am coming back next year and I hope to visit Scandinavia as well!
    PS: And thanks for liking the video!

  3. You are always welcome to come to Stavanger to stay with us, Norv!


  4. Thanx Tor! It was a bit of a waste to go that far and not stay longer but I was travelling with my Mum, who’s 81, and we were not sure how much energy and money we could expend! The flights were very difficult for me, sitting in a plane for 14 hours from Singapore to Paris. Next time I will sell a couple more paintings beforehand and travel Business Class 😉

  5. Hi Norval,
    I am just not sure if I will ever get to Paris, but have always wanted to see these museums. Thank you for sharing your ride . This film was fun and gave me a great feeling for what it would be like to wander the great halls and corridors.
    You are such a talent and I have the greatest respect for your art. By the way , my little girls , who are big girls now, both studied art in NY . Ava is still in NY and Lisa in Melbourne. Somehow, I made it back to living in sunny southern California.
    All the best for your happiness,

  6. Thanks Donna! Great to hear from you, keep in touch, my brother lives in Monterey! x Norv

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