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I Live to Ride

I Live to Ride
I Live to Ride
“I Live to Ride”, acrylic on canvas, @54×48″, 1988.
I painted this one at the Data Express courier base in Douglas St, South Melbourne.
I had a little studio in the corner of the warehouse and I would paint in between jobs.
Working as a motorcycle courier was my all-time favorite job and I took to it like a duck to water.

2 thoughts on “I Live to Ride

  1. Hey Norv
    I remember this at base! I remember the huge mural you did on the back wall too. Loved it! Never got to photograph it before DX moved to Richmond (I left not long after). South Melbourne were the best days. I’m not sure if you were at the party on the rooftop of DX in South Melbourne but I was the drummer in the band they had that night. Always loved Mal and the crew. Pass on my email if you can as we lost touch after he sold the business and I would love to get in touch. Hope you’re doing well after the prang. We’ll compare scars, pins and stories someday soon hopefully. Gotta love Byron Bay.
    47 Blitz!!! (Mal response…not this time…)

  2. lol Nigel I have a photo of the mural *somewhere* I’ll have to post it on Facebook 😉
    haven’t seen or heard from Mal in many years but he did leave a cryptic comment on this site a while back

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