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  1. Hello Norval,
    Great to find you at last, out there in the world and catch a glimpse of where your life is up to.
    I hope this finds you well in body and soul.
    Life wanders on here to the inevitable conclusion, but we’re all well here in my little family world.
    Too many children and now the grandchildren!
    I was prompted to find you to ask about the footage you shot for the Goanna Tour back in 1981.
    I had the footage transferred to DVD…..pretty terrible transfer…..and was curious about using it in a film clip for a
    song called Back In Time, appropriately enough.
    I’d love to hear from you anyway and I hope the back injury is something receding into the past.
    Warm Regards,

  2. norval hi, some years ago 1999, I purchased some prints of yours through a surfing mag. I have two prints one is a beach theme and one I think is coolangatta scene.
    is there more prints to that series ?

  3. Hi Wayne,
    The two prints you have were produced by Soul Surfer I reckon.
    Unfortunately there are no more in that series.
    However there may be more coming. Watch this space!
    Thanks for your enquiry,

  4. Hi Norval,
    I bought some of your posters prints many years ago from Torquay and I have had them framed in my house in Scarborough WA for many years. I am moving shortly to a bigger home and was hoping to get some more of your prints to put up. Can you let me know if I can still purchase them?
    Kind regards

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