A stunning artist’s book of vibrant and provocative contemporary paintings. Rich, saturated seascapes, surf art and more feature in this glittering collection of contemporary art by Australian artist Norval Watson.


Front cover A2ZSURF book

Surfing and mystery collide in this totally illuminatious
artist’s book of sizzling surf art paintings by Norval Watson.

This totally bitchen’ collection of contemporary surf art by Norval Watson features rich, saturated colour, premium hardcover format and eyecatching layout and design. A variety of media including oils, watercolours, acrylics, drawings, and painting on surfboards are combined with candid and action portraits of the artist in this comprehensive selection of his surf art from the early 1970s to 2019. 

Hidden beaches, iconic surf spots, thundering reef shelves, heaving slabs and more:: surfers, sailors, skimboarders and seascapers will admire this premium quality first edition.


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